I want to open my email and I can not find out how?


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What email provider are you using?

In most cases, opening your email is pretty easy. Are you talking about getting access to your inbox or actually opening emails?

If it's getting into the account, usually just go to the homepage of the email service, enter your email address and password in the box, and voila!

If you forgot your password or whatever, they usually have links you can click under the password box to retrieve it. I use Yahoo and Gmail and both have this.

If actually emails aren't opening, the first thing is be patient. Sometimes large emails take a while to load (like if someone attached a video or something).

otherwise, try logging out and back in again. Still not working? Maybe their servers are down. Try and find a contact for the company and ask them..

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Which company is your email account with? Each one has different procedures. And what exact problem are you having accessing your email account?
Is your password wrong or mistaken? Can you not remember the id? I'm afraid we may need more detail here to give you some useful advice

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