How Can I Find Out My Wife's Email Password?


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You can get her password by 3 way. I have listed it below.
1) By using yahoo password recovery tool. 2) By using Keyloggers. 3) By using I cannot access my account link in yahoo login page (for this you should know the secret question answer)

My favorite one is keylogger. All the keystrokes will be recorded and we can have more information about the victim. Along with the password we can also get information about, site visited, yahoo chat conversations, etc ... But it is not preferable, because it is purely illegal.

We are not responsible for this one. Try this with your own risk.

Have Fun and Enjoy !
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Jay kally
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Yes, using keylogger is also the easiest way to track the passwords typed on a computer. I used Micro Keylogger for PC, works well in logging keystrokes and passwords typed on the computer.
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Ummm you shouldnt want to get into her yahoo anyway ...its called "invasion of privacy"
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Unless she gives it to you, then theres no legal way to obtain it
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Ask her for it, maybe she'll let you use it
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I think that the only decision for your situation is a high-quality keylogger. You can google search for a good example of such software. I am using Kickidler keylogger , for example, in order to control my employees. But you can check some reviews and choose the most acceptable for you.

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Putting spousal relationship in jeopardy?

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Well, why don’t you just ask your wife for it? If you have a
good reason, like you need it for some work, I am sure she will give it to you.
Actually, she might do so even if you do not have a valid justification. I understand
you might want to snoop around a little but using unethical or illegal ways to
do so would be wrong.

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Ask your Wife Why asking To me ..I am not your wife Lovable Husband R you arrange For that me..Go guy  Go ask her in NIght
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Hello I'am tich and I'am a girl if you want to look at  your wifes emails coz you thing some thing is wrong you should ask her if there is anything she needs to tell you if she says no then go on to her email then reset her password or even try to ask her for it and see what she says but you should and sort things out and trust her

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