How do you become someone's friend on this site?


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Meta Forrest answered
If you click on someones, avatar, you can click the green follow box, they will receive an alert that you are following them.  If they follow you back, you can then chat with them through the shout boxes .  Hope I helped .
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Anonymous answered
If you click on someone profile name, you would go to his or her profile and then there would be a green "follow" icon near the top of the profile. Just click on the icon and it will change into a grey "unfollow" box to signify you send a friend request and is waiting confirmation by that Blurter you send it to. The Blurter would then received a notification alert in his or her homepage. If they want to be friends with you, they would send a "follow" request back. Upon doing this, you can see each the shoutbox icon next to the "unfollow" box, and you can send shouts/messages to each other.
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laura krah answered
By asking question
Brittany Schlatt Profile
Well, follow the person, see if they follow you, and just make conversation with them.
Arthur Wright Profile
Arthur Wright answered
Click on follow next to user you want to be friends with and this sends a frend request to them
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beckah beniot answered
Click on their picture and when you get to their profile click on the green follow button and you will be friends.

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