Who Thinks We Should Be Allowed To Have A Link To Our Own Website If It Has Useful Information On It?


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Not that anyone is doing this now, but we have had people put web sites or links that claim to be for usefull information and turn out ot be misleading/abusive links to information people/me included do not want to be linked to for others to see thinking we/i endorse their thinking or belief what they have on their site is okay for anyone to look at....but if you want to put a link to your page in a e-mail to someone(on blurt it) without using blurt it making people believe all of the blurters endorse the use of the site for your or anyones personal page site then that is okay..in other words do it on your own between 2 people without making people believe i /we endorse yours or others belief as a whole..i'm not saying you are doing this but people tend to push their beliefs /ideas while misleading anyone that visits the site that their info is blurt it related in some way when it is not...now if you want to let blurt it dictate what you can put on your personal page that you link to blurt it then that would be okay because then blurt it would have say so in how your page is set up and would be more likely to monitor your page to stop any potential abusive informationa and links on that page...giving all blurters the ability to report your link in case you decide to misrepresent blurt it in the future...do you see what i am saying...
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I have seen people with links on their pages many times, if you should happen to come across one, it should be under their avatar on their profile near the top. Hope this helps.
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I mean in your answer. =)
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To me that would be spamming, or advertising your page without having to give any monitary value in exchange for being connected to blurt it..in other words free advertising....without any contract to enforce how you represent yourself or blurt it in the future.... Sort of like if i took your picture and made millions of dollars without giving you a royalty for using your likeness...

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