I Have A New Verizon Modem. And It Is Wireless. I Want To Change Its Name And Password, But When I Go To It Asks For A Password. I Typed In Admin For Both Username And Password. Please Help!?


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On  back  of   your  new  Verizon   modem
look  for  a  reset  button ,  Stick  a  pen
or  pin  inside  the  reset button  on
the  back  of  the modem  ,  hold  that
in  for  a  while  lightly   than  let  go
take  afterwards   than  unplug  your
modem   wait   for   about   1 minute
than  plug  it  back  in  ,  You  should
be  able  to   open up  the  modem
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The default user name for most Verizon routers is "admin," and the default password is printed on the bottom or back of your router. Note: To improve security, your Verizon router password may have been changed to the serial number of your router. See more details at What to Do If I Forget Verizon Wireless Sign-In Password?

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