How To Login In Any Website Without User Name And Password?


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First, go to They have a large
database consisting login information such as username and password to
various sites. Enter the url of the website that you want to log into.
A result page will be shown showing results.
If you can't find the result that you want, try this alternative way.
What you need to do is to change your web browser user agent into:
Googlebot 2.1
This is very easy in Mozilla Firefox and Flock web browser. Download and install the User Agent Switcher from here. Restart your web browser. After that, go to:
1. Tools

2. User Agent Switcher

3. Options

4. Options…

5. Then click on User Agents in the right column

6. Click on Add

Now type in
Googlebot 2.1
where it says “Description” and “User Agent“. The rest can be left empty. Now change your user agent so you can access member-only website.
If you're interested to try another user agent, check the list of available user agents here.
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This is a stupid question you need a user name and password for all web sites including the one your on now
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There is no way you can bypass a website which prompts you to enter password in order to enter a secured website. The website such as, which prompts you to enter password cannot be bypassed. These websites are guarded with high security as it contains valuable emails and personal details of individuals.

If you have forgotten the password of your user account, the respective websites have help zone to assist you in gaining the password by putting an answer to a user account identifying question, which is chosen by you while making the user account, or other relevant data like your birthday etc.

If someone tries to access any other person's user account without his/her knowledge, it may be considered as a crime, and the punishment can be very severe. Cyber cops are always vigilant to suspect any kind of malicious activity.

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