How do i get text history off alltel phone?


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Your text history is easy to obtain. All you need to do is find the menu screen, and then choose 'texts' or 'messaging' section of your phone. You should first be presented with your most recent text messages, probably arranged into different threads for different contact. In this case, you will need to scroll down to text messages from people that you haven't spoken to in a while. This will take you right to the bottom of your screen. Once you click on, you will then be taken to the last text messages that were sent between you both.

  • How to navigate the system

Once you see the text messages, you will already be looking at text history that could be quite far back. However, if you want to go back even further then you can still look back at the text history with individuals. If you go onto any thread of messages with any one of your contacts then you will be able to trace back the things that have been said. Simply scroll up and you should be able to see every single message you have sent to that individual. However, if you have deleted the messages in the past then you won't be able to see those messages. It's pretty simple.

  • Getting deleted texts

If you have deleted texts that you want to see, however, then there are still things you can do. You can get many pieces of software from the Internet these days that allow you to recover deleted texts. Simply search on Google for one that fits your budget, and download it. Once it's downloaded, plug in your phone to your PC and use the on screen instructions. The software will be able to recover a huge amount of deleted text messages from your cell phone.

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