What are disadvantages of green computing?


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  • Disadvantages
Disadvantages could appear but many people seem to think that there are more advantages and they weigh out any potential disadvantages. One disadvantage is that green computing could actually be quite costly. Given that there has been a green process that the computer will have gone through in order to make the computer in the first place, there will usually be some kind of added cost when the computer has been finished. Green computing takes a lot of new technology, and hence, you may find that you will have to pay a premium price for your new green computer.

A perfect example is that the greenest modern computers today are Macbooks and Macbook Pros. These computers are hardly inexpensive - they're actually some of the most expensive computers in the market.

Furthermore, some computers that are green may be considerably underpowered. Some people may need incredibly power-consuming and powerful computers to deal with the tasks that they need them to do. This is another disadvantage that many people who have high-powered computers believe to have with green computers.

Another issue would be that powerful and green computers are more expensive. For instance, Apple's powerful range of computers, including their iMacs, are incredibly green but are also incredibly expensive.

  • Advantages
Of course, there are still many advantages to this kind of computing. A reduced usage of energy from green computing techniques will actually translate into a much lower carbon dioxide emission, which comes from the reduction in the amount of fossil fuels that were used in power plants, factories and transportation.

By conserving resources, it means that less energy is required to go about producing, using and disposing certain products so this is naturally a huge benefit. Saving energy and resources can actually save people money in the long run.

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