What Are The Characteristics Of Supercomputers?


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Supercomputers have massive parallelism and very high computational speed.  Often they have specific hardware to handle large amounts of floating point operations or vector operations. 

Disadvantages are usually cost related.  They are large, expensive to maintain, and require a lot of electrical power.

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Supercomputers are used for highly calculation-intensive tasks such as
problems involving quantum physics, weather forecasting, climate research, molecular modeling (computing the
structures and properties of chemical compounds, biological macromolecules, polymers,
and crystals), physical simulations (such as simulation of airplanes in
, simulation of the detonation of nuclear weapons, and research into nuclear fusion). A particular class of problems, known as Grand Challenge
, are problems whose full solution requires semi-infinite
computing resources.
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This paper presents a comprehensive characterization of a multi-cluster supercomputer 1 workload using twelvemonth scientific research traces. Metrics that we characterize include system utilization, job arrival rate and interarrival time, job cancellation rate, job size (degree of parallelism), job run time, memory usage, and user/group behavior. Correlations between metrics (job runtime and memory usage, requested and actual runtime, etc) are identified and extensively studied. Differences with previously reported workloads are recognized and statistical distributions are fitted for generating synthetic workloads with the same characteristics. This study provides a realistic basis for experiments in resource management and evaluations of different scheduling strategies in a multi-cluster research environment. 1.

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