Who Are The Inventors Who Made The Earliest Computing Devices?


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The earliest computing devices known to man include things such as the abacus and punch presses. However, the first real mechanical computer, getting closer to the devices that we use in the modern day, was called the K1 Computer, created by Konrad Zuse in 1936. This marked the first ever completely programmable computer to be created, leading us into the complex systems we use today.

There are many interesting facts regarding the invention of all parts of the computers from yesteryear and those we see today. The computer mouse was only invented in 1964 by Douglas Engelbart and its name derived from a nickname that stuck, relating to how the wire at the back looked like a mouse tail.

Other inventions included the floppy disk which was created by Alan Shugart and IBM in 1971 and nicknamed the floppy due to its extreme versatility and flexibility. The floppy disk is becoming extinct in today's world of computers, due to a take over from many different means of memory storage. Examples of such are memory sticks, external hard drives and even many MP3 players have hard drive capacity.

Some of the more well known first computers are the 1976/77 Apple computers and the Commodore. These, along with the Scelbi & Mark-8 Altair & IBM 5100 computers were known as the first consumer computers. Today, there are plenty of computer making companies, with some of the most successful being Apple and HP, with Apple and Microsoft battling it out for years to have the most successful computer. Apple prefers style and with it a slick operating system that is incredibly unique to the brand, whereas, Microsoft prefer to stick to a traditional operating system with more function over style. Computers will continue to evolve with the times, creating amazing systems with unbelievable capacities and functions.

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