What Are The Disadvantages Of Not Having Computer Skills?


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Presumably, as you've been able to ask this question, then you must already possess some computer skills - but just imagine how much more difficult it would be to find answers to your question if you didn't possess those skills at all!

Computers in Education
We live in a world which is still being transformed by computers.

For example, if you were to study for a university degree, you would be expected to produce your assignments with the help of a word processor, and using the correct formatting.

You could probably get away with doing all of your research and practical work without using computers, though - unless you were doing a course in Computing - but access to the Internet opens up a world of up-to-date information, and allows you to contact diverse and disparate groups of people easily.

The Use of Computers in Employment
Whilst there are still many jobs available that don't rely upon computer skills, many manual occupations are becoming increasingly scarce, as the roles once performed by humans are replaced by machines. Being able to control those machines will become increasingly important.

Also consider that many business management systems have now been switched across to computer systems, and their old paper-based counterparts have been shredded. Therefore, if you are to perform any role within a modern organisation, then you will need to possess basic computer skills at least.

Computers in the Home
It's by no means essential to have a computer at home, but the benefits that one will bring are enormous. Internet access allows you to easily find the cheapest prices for all of the things you may need to buy - whether that is car insurance, your weekly food shopping, or a luxury item such as a television.

In my experience, the cost of broadband more than pays for itself, due to the savings that it helps me to make as a result of shopping online.
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You are not able to communicate with friends. You are not able to easily research information that you are looking for. You can't shop from the Internet. You can't store data on a computer. There are a lot of disadvantages.

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