Were can you find a PIkachu in heart gold?


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It can be found in the Viridian Forest, if you spend enough time in there. If you go in the grass patch which is the second-closest to the top exit, you should eventually bump into a Pikachu. Many people think that the L button makes a difference, but it doesn’t. You just need to spend enough time in the forest and in that particular patch of grass, and you’ll soon be pleased to see the presence of a Pikachu.

If you want to ensure that you catch the Pikachu, make sure that you’re stocked up with Pokeballs. Many people choose to purchase the more expensive Pokeballs that allow you to have a greater chance of catching the Pokemon. These include Ultraballs, which significantly improve the chances of you being able to catch the Pokemon. Missing the opportunity to catch Pikachu could see you wasting even more time looking, so make sure you get it the first time round!

Of course, the best chance would be to use a Masterball. This kind of Pokeball allows you a definite chance of catching the Pokemon. These are generally hard to get hold of in a game, and you will only usually come across one of these balls. The idea is that you use this ball when you finally find the legendary Pokemon towards the end of the game. You’ll be able to catch it the first time round, and finish off the game with the most powerful Pokemon available.

So perhaps save your Masterball, and use an Ultraball. Many people believe that by holding certain buttons and pressing them at particular times increases the chance of an Ultraball working. Check cheat websites before you attempt to catch your Pikachu to significantly improve your chances of winning.

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