How To Send Text Messages From My Pc To Cincinnati Bell Customers?


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Lynn Blakeman answered

You can send texts from your pc via email. To do this for Cincinnati bell customers, use the following general rule:

Send an email to 'cell-phone-number at' (obviously use an @ symbol instead of the word, however the site would not allow me to post an email address)

Replace the words 'cell-phone-number' with the actual phone number of the Cincinnati Bell  customer that you wish to text.

For example, if your friend's number is 123-456-7890 then you would send an email to 1234567890( at)

There are sites on the internet that will allow you to send sms to anyone on any network, though I would think that some of them may not be safe, especially if you are sending private messages or business type ones. In which case I assume the email method above would be safer.

I am not sure if this will also work for sending photos, but it is certainly worth trying.

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