Is It Illegal To Make Fake Facebook Accounts?


2 Answers

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Likeaboss answered
There are some situations were it CAN certainly be illegal, as the person above me said, if you are faking your age to hook up with younger people, then yes, it is illegal. If you sign up for the site, but don't use your real name, then no, it isn't illegal. If you are impersonating a celebrity, then you can get in trouble if anyone finds about about it, always be careful with what you say and do online.
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Sam Beaudoin answered
Not at all, its completly legal, but it depends on the circumstances as well, if your over 18 and are making a fake account under 18, trying to hook up with underage girls, then yes its illegal, otherwise you could make 100 accounts to fake peoples names and you could never get in trouble for it.

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