Can You Get Growlithe Pokemon Soul Silver?


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  • Can you get Growlithe Pokemon in Soul Silver?

It is possible to get Growlithe Pokemon in Soul Silver but it is extremely rare. You can find Grownlithe on route 37 and 38, but be prepared to hunt for him because he can be very difficult to find.

You will need to search at dusk or at night time and it is around the safari zone park that it is spotted most commonly so this would be a good place to start with the search. Growlithes are much more common in Gold Heart so if you can trade one from Gold Heart, this may be an easier way to find one.

  • What is Growlithe?

Growlithe is a very cute Pokemon as it is a puppy and has a fluffy mane and tiger like fur. It is a fire-type Pokemon and then evolves into Arcanine when exposed to a fire stone. It has the ability to flash fire by spitting it and can also be intimidating to dangerous Pokemons.

Gorwlithe has a keen sense of smell, and like a dog, it can sense emotions and identify problems. Growlithe also has an incredible memory as it can remember smells but extremely strong or unpleasant smells can disrupt this keen sense.

Growlithe is extremely loyal to its owner and likes to live in volcanoes where the fire is warm. When Growlithe evolves into Arcanine their features become much more assertive and aggressive looking and will look much more like a lion or tiger than a puppy. They look extremely regal and this leads to them being admired and sometimes feared. They can produce large flames and also use their fangs to attack.
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Yes by cinabar island  or by a fire place
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Yes you can. You just need to either listen on your pokegear to proffesor oak and marie or you can go to route 37 and 38. Hop this helps.

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