Is There An Action Replay Code To Get ZORUA Or ZOROARK In Soul Silver?


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Soul Silver is a role play game (RPG) and another in the series of popular Pokémon games to be released. ZORUA and ZOROARK are first generation V Pokémon and Zoroark is the master of illusions whilst Zorua is a fox-like Pokémon character.

  • Code for ZORUA or ZOROARK in Soul Silver
The website seems to have the cheat code for ZORUA and ZOROARK and, although the code is quite long, it has been recommended and has been proven to work. However, it is unclear whether this cheat is generic for all Pokémon games or whether it is specific to Soul Silver or not. Another page on Blurtit seems to quote the cheat for Soul Silver as 1234567 d200000.

Many websites seem to suggest that ZORUA and ZOROARK are not actually available on the Soul Silver platform and are only available on Pokémon black or white. It may be that if the cheat codes do not work on your action replay these characters are not available on Soul Silver. The AR code to get Zoroark and the AR code to get Zorua may also be different, as quoted in the website link above.

  • Action Replay (AR)
Action replay is a function that you can buy for your games console. The little attachment clips onto your games console and can be bought from a variety of stores including games stores and bigger stores such as Wal-Mart. They can even be bought on the internet on such stores as Amazon and eBay. They are most typically used by 'code-junkies' to input codes that allow you to cheat or skip certain sections of games or use a cheat to get extra lives, points or in this case Pokémon characters. The Action Replay (AR) service seemingly allows you to get and enable cheats for all games and is available on multiple games consoles.
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No, as far as the game knows they aren't real.  Zorua and Zoroark are in GV, it would be like having a Dialga in Ruby.
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No those pokemon should be in the pokemon game white or black coming in 2010
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I like cheese
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Yes but you should  ask someone who owns the game(don't ask me though because I have the japanese version of pokemon black and it is a demo:)
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