Where Do You Get Blaziken, Sceptile Or Swampert In Pokemon Platinum?


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Unfortunately it is not possible to catch Blaziken, Sceptile or Swampert in Pokemon Platinum!

However there are two other ways of obtaining these Pokemon in order to use them in your platinum save...

  • You can migrate all three from other pokemon games such as pokemon emarld, sapphire and ruby. To do this take Blaziken, Sceptile and Swampart to the migration centre in one of these games and transfer them to your pokemon platinum save.
  • If you wish to cheat then you can use an action replay to obtain the cheat code. This will allow you to catch these three pokemon in the wild in platinum.

How to catch Blaziken, Sceptile and Swampert in platinum? It's only natural that you would want these three awesome pokemon in your platinum save, as they are three of the most powerful pokemon around.


Blaziken is a dual-type fire/fighting pokemon, and is the final evolutionary stage of Torchic. Its evolutionary path looks like...

Torchic - level 16 - Combusken - Level 36 - Blaziken.

Sceptile Sceptile is a grass type pokemon which is the final form of Treecko. A Sceptile will evolve like this:

Treecko - level 16 - Grovyle - level 36 - Sceptile.

Swampert Like Blaziken, Swampert is a dual-type pokemon- it is both a water and ground poken. It is the final evolutionary stage of Mudkip. Mudkip will evolve like this:

Mudkip - level 16 - Marshtomp - level 36 - Swampert.

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