What Are Ohms?


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An ohm is a unit of measurement used to measure the resistance of a material to the flow of current in an electrical circuit. It measures how much one volt can resist while simultaneously causing one ampere to flow. A larger number of ohms signifies greater resistance.

The ohm is basically a unit of electrical resistance. It is equal to the electrical resistance of a conductor in which a potential of one volt produces a current of one ampere across one of its terminals. It is symbolised by the Greek capital letter O (or omega). While the ohm is the unit of measurement for electrical resistance in a DC (or direct current) circuit, it also measures impedance in AC (or alternating current) circuits. It was named after the German scientist Georg Simon Ohm (1787 to 1854), who formulated the Ohm's law. Ohm was the first physicist to study the relationship between voltage and current.
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An Ohm is a measurement of electrical resistance. 0-5 Ohms are considered a dead short in construction. The less the resistance, the more current will flow for a given voltage. An open (disconnected) will measure close to 1 million Ohms or Mega (M) or a meter will show 'OL'.

In the case of speakers and amplifiers. You want the resistance (Ohm) of the speaker to be equal to the resistance of the Amplifier. When the resistances are equal, maximum power is transferred.

Try this ohms law calculator app through which you can easily came to know about the calculations of voltage,current and resistance.

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