I Have 2 Kicker CVR 12" Dual 4ohm Subs. RMS: 800 Watts Per Pair / 400 Watts Each. Is A Hitron HPA2000.1D Class D Amp 2000w Max RMS Power Rating: 4 Ohms: 750 Watts X 1 Chan. 2 Ohms: 1200 Watts X 1 Chan. A Big (good Enough) Amp For The Subs?


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Martin Jolles answered
Seeing on the specs it seems like a good amp. But it all depends on how you are wiring the subs. If you are doing them in parallel, I would use something with an rms of 1600. That amp will push them but I don't think Hitron amps are true power. If you know about the CEA rating system. I ran a Hifonics Brutus 2000 W Rms amp on 2 L5's and that worked really good. What is the fuse rating on the amp? If it is a total of less than 100 amps I wouldn't use it, for efficiency purposes.

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