I Dropped My Ipod Onto A Wooden Floor. What Should I Do?


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Pick it up
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If you took out some insurance when you purchased the Ipod then you may be able to get it fixed for free. Also, if you have house insurance then you may be able to claim on that (you can use your parents' house insurance if you live with them).
Alternatively, you may be able to get it repaired at a place that does not charge as much as the Apple Store does. Try visiting the FAQ section at this website:  www.ipodrepaircentre.com for the Ipod Repair Centre. They are a UK company that may be able to fix your Ipod at a cheaper price.
Another idea is to try visiting help forums. These usually have some good free tips on how too repair damaged items. Try visiting this one: forums.ipodlounge.com, where people have discussed similar problems with their Ipods and received lots of helpful tips from other people. Hope this helps.
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It should be fine if not you can bring it to like raidio shack or version have them fix it

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