Why Does My Computer Not Recognize My Camera Even After Software Is Installed?


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You need to make sure the codecs for your camera have been activated when you installed the driver soft ware. Click on bottom left start icon on your computer and go into computer then click on the driver icon for your camera that is in the computer window that opens, it will be there if it was installed successfully. If it's not there then the installation was unsuccessful so install the software again. The codecs should install automatically but if they don't then find codecs and follow the promps to install the codecs. If you have any problems you can call customer service for your camera make and they connect you to their technical department who will guide you through the installation process. They are always very helpful because they want you to use their products. I had the same problem and took a lot of different advice, none of which worked until I called the company and within 5 minutes all was resolved. Good luck.
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Have you checked your firewall preferences and made sure that it is not blocking the application or usage of the software.  That may be why it is telling you not found, it may need permission from your firewall.  Go into your firewall/security preferences and make sure it isn't blocked.  Hope this helps.  Good-Luck.
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     The software should have a read me file that will tell you a lot. You may not have it installed the proper way. Just opening a file doesn't necessarily install it properly!

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