How To See My Mms In My Cell Or In Computer?


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Viewing your MMS or text messages on a device other than your phone is possible, though it very much depends on your service provider and the type of phone you have, so there is no straightforward answer to the question.

Most people will send messages from phone to phone but it is possible to use your home based PC or laptop for the same task.
If you log onto the website of your service provider and sign-in with all your contact details, there may be the option to send SMS and MMS messages from this platform. You need to check however that your monthly plan allows this as if it doesn’t you may be charged at a premium rate.
You also need to make sure that your phone is capable of sending and receiving MMS messages. Some, even recent models, are not able to do this so you would be wasting your time trying to do so.
The best thing to do is call your service provider and ask them the best possible way of doing this. They may offer a special rate or an add on to your monthly tariff which will allow you to do this more simply.

You could also visit your local cell phone store as the possibility of sending MMS from phone to computer very much depends on the make on model of your hand-set. You may need to find out first if your phone can carry out such tasks.

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