How To Create A Hospital Database?


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The important information to get first is what the database is for and what information is needed to populate the database and how you want it to be presented. You also need to think of the results you are looking for, what forms do you want to create and what queries and reports do you need from the result of the database. Once you get the answer to those basic questions, you can start constructing your database.  A good application to use is Microsoft Access database as it gives you systematic instructions via the wizard. The wizard lets you either choose a template which you can customise, from this you can create a set of tables, forms and queries. Once the database is created you will want to start adding the data, you can link to a data source possibly an Excel spreadsheet.
If the database is on-going and will have the potential to grow, then it may be better to create a database using MySQL. This will have the capacity and better setup to deal with a large growing database,  as it will run as a server and multiple users can access it.  As it is for a hospital and therefore commercial use, you will need to acquire a license but this will come with extra functionality.  If you have a Wordpress blog then you may have used MySQL whilst setting it up. With MySQL you will have multiple storage, native storage engines, customised storage engines and community developed storage spaces. If that feels a little out of your depth then there is a support network that comes with the licensed application that can help and troubleshoot any issues with you.

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