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As you have not mentioned exactly what it is that you wish to do with Way2SMS, it is extremely hard for anyone to help you effectively. This being said, however, here is some information that should enable you to become a member, therefore allowing you to use all of the facilities and services that they offer, as well as letting you contact them should you have any further queries.

  • How to become a member

The only way that you can become a member of the company Way2SMS is to register with them, which you can do by visiting this link: .

You will need to provide them with many details, such as your full name and title, your date of birth, a valid email address that is only accessible by you, your occupation and monthly wage, the city in India that you currently live in, as well as mobile number that will be used as your identification for logging into the site, as well as the company's way of sending you your password.

  • What is Way2SMS

Created in December 2006, Way2SMS is a company that enables its users to talk via SMS text messaging, with no charge to either the sender or the receiver. The business makes its money by selling advertising space to other companies, all of which advertise using the new idea of mobitisement, the advertisement of products and services through mobiles.

However, this does not mean that the members of Way2SMS will be plagued with information on new and upcoming deals; instead, each text that is received via Way2SMS will carry an advertisement at the bottom of it.  

Users are not restricted in texting just other members of Way2SMS; messaging other networks is allowed, and will not have any effect upon the time it takes for them to be received.

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