What Is The Price For LG Ce0168?


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The LG Ce0168 is an older mobile phone that is no longer sold by the manufacturer. It has very little value on the market today as it is obsolete and not capable of playing today's high definition videos or surfing the web at the touch of a finger. If you have one it's worth anywhere from just a few cents to perhaps ten dollars to someone who grown accustomed to using the old school phones. Your best bet is to probably just donate it charity and write it off your taxes as a charitable contribution.

Technology in the cellular phone industry moves at a speed seemingly faster than light. What was once the must-have latest and greatest phone one year ago is now obsolete and no longer carried by the cell phone providers. The best way to acquire a cell phone these days is to get one free when you sign a contract with a provider. You won't be affected when the phone becomes older or obsolete and if you fulfill your contract and are a customer in good standing you'll receive a new phone when you sign your next contract and save yourself hundreds of dollars in the process.

Cell phone technology will continue to grow in leaps and bounds for the foreseeable future, with smartphones that can send and receive video, text messages, and surf the internet becoming more common and much more powerful. To avoid spending hundreds of dollars on a phone that will be worth nothing in a year, never buy a phone before you sign a contract with a cellular carrier, instead, wait for a deal that includes a free phone. You'll have access to all the latest technological advances that are happening in cell phones and get them and at a price that will not break your bank account.
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As the LG CE0168 is an older model phone, it is not worth a lot of money.  Some are sold on eBay and their price range can be any where from 99 cents to about 10 dollars.  The price is similar in the UK, but in pounds.  If you were hoping to sell your phone, you might want to consider donating it to charity instead:

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