I'm Bored Of Club Penguin,what Avatar Games Can I Play?


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Well there are a lot of games like wisard101-make your one wizard and battle
fantage-dress your caracture make friends go shopping fasion shows....
Millsberry-same as fantage but better collors more thing free gifts but no fasion shows
IMVU-its too mutch for 17 year olds
moshimonstures-cute little creatures
gaia-fish tank-boring
meez-need a memberships and its not that great
babydow- its a fun game where you got a baby and you take care of it
chobots-same thing as clubpenguin but the caractures move very slowly
raceyourduck-create a duck and race it
webkinz-plush toy dress it feed it make there home play games...
Runescape-its pretty fun you do adventure buy clothes and can't explaine it but I really recamed this for you
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Um I recommend a few games,
club penguin,
eco pet,
and hasbro.
Hope I helped.
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There's Gaia online, Zwinky, Ty girlz but you have to buy a doll in order to play,Webkinz same thing,you have to buy a stuff animal, Hasbro games.com,Postopia, Thats all I know really! I love club penguin too much so yeah! Ha-Ha! Well hope this helped you! BYE!
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Well there is Wiglington and Wiglington, which is much better than club penguin! (here is the link www.wiglingtonandwenks.com You can find old (famous) people and help them remember who they are, you get up to 200 friends,travel to other countrys, take a test to get a passport ( and get a MALF certificate to buy pets) and MUCH, MUCH more!

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