I'm bored. Can you suggest some games I can play in my browser?


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I have a love/hate relationship with quirky online games.

Yes, they're fun to play - but they can also be pretty darn distracting when you've got heaps of work to do!

But if you're online and bored, they are technically the best thing you can do with your time. Here's a list of games I've enjoyed in the past week:

Escape From The Fishing Community Island!

Just as eerie as it sounds, and loads more fun than you'd expect. You navigate around a mysterious island armed with a harpoon - trying to avoid big fish-like creatures that latch on to you like leeches.

I'm not that great at it though, so I see this screen quite a lot:

Clicking Bad

Just as the name might suggest, this is a game designed for fans of hit TV show "Breaking Bad".

Just like in the show, your objective is to cook and sell methamphetamine while avoiding the clutches of the evil Drug Enforcement Agency!

The game consists of clicking on buttons, a lot. And If you're not a fan of Breaking Bad it might not appeal as much... But once you start it's pretty addictive (the game that is, not the meth!)
Not just one game, but a whole host of games!
The best way to describe Pong is that it's the "Pinterest for free online flash games".
Flash games take me back to my youth, so I have a natural fondness towards them. But some of these games will have you exploring mini-16bit worlds for hours. You've been warned!

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