How Do You Buy Member Stuff On Club Penguin With Out Being A Member?


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You can't get stuff from CP without being the member, the reason is because members have to pay, and guessing that CP/ Club penguin  wants money to make the toys you can buy from unlocking items, just go to toys r us, get a clubpenguin toy and when you log in to pick a server, on the top right theres a circle that says unlock items! Type in the code that came with the toy,its a coin, and then you type it in and you get to a treasure book and you can pick 2 items from it! You can only use the code once, so if you want more for that series treasure book just buy another toy! And the membership for Clubpenguin is monthly 5.99, 6 months 29.95 and 12 month (whole year) 57.95. If your really good with clubpenguin and know you want to be on there for a while, my best option for the membership is monthly, it will just keep adding to your credit card every month unless you just want to pay by cash, or check, but cash takes like 3-5 days to receive and same as checks! And if your not looking into membership, you have to wait for party's on clubpenguin, sometimes they have FREE items around it! But party's don't really come often, but hey its worth it! CLubpenguin is the funnest most safest place ever! I have great friends on there and I'm sure whoever playing Clubpenguin will to! I hope this helps! My sources are me because I go on Clubpenguin, and love going on! Best of luck! Have a nice day!
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All you have to do is stand really close to someone and click on thier
player card click on urs EXTREMELY FAST.I am talking so fast you can't even see your hand move

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