Network Card Turned Off. How Do I Turn It Back On?


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Generally you hit CTRL and f2 that is the function I had to use on my laptop when I formatted it mine is a gateway. Hope this helped you
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If you have formatted the window then you might need software driver for your network card to make it functional again. If you have the driver in the CD then install it and your network card will be alive again. If you don't have the driver then you can search it from the Internet.
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Debbie Lynch
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problem would be that everything is on "c" says network card is turned off, can not try to update driver via internet since can not access internet. is internal network card. only disk that I have is emachine system recovery disk
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Ty ty ty that did the trick, you are my idol.
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Unpluged my pc and now it says no inter net card how do I get it back
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Well /
Unplug it again then put it back in
Make sure the powers fully charged and its plugged in properly
Also if your Pcs old then it might be broken :$

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