Is There A Fun Virtual World For 11year Olds? I Loved Vmk But Now Its Gone So I Am On A Hunt For The Most Funnest Virtual World That Comes A Very Close Sec To Vmk. It Was The Best!


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IMVU is the popular virtual world that is used to replace a website like this. IMVU is a fantastic and 3D graphical social networking site that is able to offer much more than social networks like Facebook and Myspace. The website offers games and virtual goods. Registration for IMVU is free and is absolutely necessary.

Once you’ve decided to sign up, you will be required to choose an avatar that represents who you are. The social network was developed by IMBU Inc which is based in Palo Alto, California, and it has recently been reported that there are now over 50 million registered users on the website as well as more than ten million unique monthly visitors.

The website was founded by Will Harvey, too, who is an established game developer, as well as the founder of ‘There’. It’s estimated that IMVU current generates over $3 million every month, and 90 per cent of that comes directly from the sale of virtual goods. So with so much money on hand, IMVU is able to continue providing you with a high-quality service that is continually updating and adding new features.

With the sale of virtual goods, too, you can completely enhance and personalise your online experience. Basically, IMVU will give you the perfect opportunity to establish an online life that completely reflects your tastes in real life. Of course, there are other websites like Habbo, but IMVU is generally favoured given its fantastic graphical interface and ability to provide more of an online life, and not a cartoon-like chat room like on other less-developed websites.
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Club penguin
barbie girls
grovvy girls
mech quest
Club Marian
Chamber of Chat
Habo Hotel
The N
Barbie Girls
Dragon Fable
Girl stuff/Boy Stuff
Show Jumping
Student Survivor
Big Fat Awesome House Party
Big Mouth Life
Doll War and
War Bears
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Well you probably like Command and Conquer. There's more; Poptropica, Meez; it has cursing but its spelled incorrectly, Moshi Monsters, Wenks, Runescape, Toontown but you need a registration key,, Imvu, and last of all wizard 101. Oh and Our World

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I personally like Our World
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Try thats fun
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I like webkinz and you will to if you like animals and virtual pets and being able to get cool items with out being a member. Other ones that r cool r fantage after a long while it will get a little boring but for a long time you will love it.Super secret is ok.Try nicktropolis I guess it is one of my last choices. Imvu is realistic if you like that.Well I also think marapets is ok. Try neopets if you r 11. Yuo may like it.
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Well I have been seraching the net for a  no downloading no virus game theres a lot out there just look them up type in things like free virtual games and stuff if theres one like that tell me I have a moshi monsters its ok I just go on there for the chatting...plz tell me if you no a web site my name on moshi is cutegirl1516
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I know some good games but I go on then so much they begin to get boring and I need to no some better games please reply if you no any:

These are some games that I played but get boring when you play them a lot.
Vizwoz, Roblox, secret world, tootsville, buildabeaville, habbo, our world and secret builders, but I would recomend tootsville because you can go to diff places and sing and chat to your friends and play games.
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I No a lot
ClubPengin...VizWoz...WeeWorld For 13 +...BinWeevles...Habbo For 15 +...Moshi Monsters...NeoPets...Disney Faries I Think Its Just Girls...ToonTwon...PopTropica...
I Do No More I Just can't Think Of Them At The Moment Wen I Remeber I'll Post Them Hope you Enjoy These
(I Recomend VizWoz And Habbo They Are Both Really Good)
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Well I'm not so sure but to me I think IMVU is really fun if you want to try it out, it has changed a lot and it is so cool!
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Try secret builders if that is not good try our world or wooz world I recomend wooz world
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Well there is supersecret, club penguin, bin weevils,secret builders,fantage and gardenpartyworld! Hope you like them.
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HEY! I have 2 places you can go to:
1. and
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Ish K. answered - Needs parent permission, Both both boys and - For girls, Requires Membership to unlock Games for girls who like - For every taste

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