How Do I Re-program A Living Solutions Remote Control Item: A17G1311 - Model ATC-1311 / My Flat Screen TV Is A Sanyo Model -DP42746 Chassis 42746-00 Family YX6A Serial Number If Needed Is B6141511297088?


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Tim Cook answered

Difficulties in re-programming a remote control are more common than you might think. Luckily, there are several places you can turn to online for help with your Living Solutions remote.

You can download the user manual for a Living Solutions remote (model ATC 13-11) at The manual should contain all the codes you need.

If you don't want the manual, and just need the codes, try, or It looks like a lot of other jumbo remote users like yourself have had the same problem, but as is often the case with electronics, there's always an online forum or two who can help out.

Normally, I would also suggest contacting the manufacturer, but I have been unable to find any customer service information for Living Solutions. If the shop where you brought the remote still stocks this item, go back and note down the helpline details from the packaging.

Another place to try for electronics problems is YouTube. This films shows you how to re-program a Living Solutions remote, the commentary is in Spanish, but has English subtitles:

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