Sharp Aquos Database Empty, How Do I Reset The Freeview?


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Following the 'digital switchover' many people found that their Freeview boxes no longer worked properly. Many had an empty database and had to be reset or reinstalled. To reinstall the Sharp Aquos Freeview you must use your remote control and DTV - Menu - Setup- Auto Installation- Yes - English - Digital Search. Your

Aquos Freeview will then automatically search through all the channels. This may take a while because there are now so many channels so feel free to leave the device while it scans as it could take 10-15 minutes.If the device asks if you would like to 'delete all channels', click 'yes' - you will not lose all your channels, your Freeview box is just reloading all your channels and will rescan and find all the new channels that is picks up.

The reason that the television network has now gone digital in most areas of the UK is so that everywhere can receive a stronger, digital signal. This means that the older analogue TVs need to be replaced and everyone needs to purchase a Freeview box or a TV with digital installed. Most TVs purchased within the last 10 years will be able to play the digital box. If you are unsure as to how a digital box works and are over the age of 65, the government may be able to provide you with a box for free with a technician who will install it for you.

Freeview not only provides a multitude of extra channels and high definition TV but it also provides viewers with greater interactivity options. Viewers can select options such as which camera angle they would like during a sporting event. There are online screen listings and subtitles for visually impaired viewers. Premium channels can also be easily purchased by views to watch additional movie and sports channels.

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