How To Buy Meez Cash Items?


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To get Meez cash items:

Write a Letter To Meez When Your Done .
Their address is:
620 Folsom St. Suite 350
San Francisco,
CA 94107

If you want to buy cash items that aren't on the site anymore, you just have to write a letter, and at the top put your username, then below that type in your e-mail. Below that just put in the items name that you want, and how much it cost. And when you are done that, put a total. With the letter put in how much money it is (American currency only) Then mail it to the Meez office in San Fransisco.

It will take about a week or less for you to receive you items. If you do want to buy Cash items outside of the USA then go to your Bank, and ask for a exchange of your english money for US dollars. Meez will only accept Dollars.

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