How Can I Get Expired Cash Items On Meez?


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You type in stuff you want to get and put '-' after it.
(For example: Eyeshadow -)
And stuff from like 2 or 3 years ago come up. Cash items do not work.
Except Goth Parasol
You have to type in 'Goth -' To see it.
~ xx_aly_xx
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You can easily order expired cash items through the meez forum. It's not free though. You do pay money. Check in the "Site Questions" section. It should be there and it should also explain all the procedures.
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Alright then I guess your gunna have to get cash items for the upcoming months
because when I click the cash item it lets me get it ;)
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Well you could try looking around meez nation and see if anyone is wearing the cash item that you want then go to there profile and click the item that there wearing it might work :]]
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No it wont dumb booty... Dere is no otha way. If you go 2 da other person's profile, it wont let you click on da answer is no you cant:p

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