I Need A List Of All The Meez Cash Items. Can Someone Help Me?


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lee young Profile
lee young answered
Ok there is all of them:
Thin laptop( animation)
two tone rocks. Hair
money on the mind(animation)
rocawear jacket
imana hell rocka wear
rocka wear kisha dress
fraggie rock n roll dance(background)
fringe dress
fraggie rock
Xs contacts
striped eyeshadow
rockstar stage makeup
dookie chain
etched heart chain
major weight tshirts
sleep sexy tank
power sneakers
hoodiet.pain bottoms
t.pain circus shoes
circus top t.pain
most pretty 1: T.pain top hat
t.pain zipper pants
t.pain grillz
snoop dogg
I know more but dammnit I'm tired of writing so jus go to cash itemz categry duhh

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