What's The Advantage Of Computer In Education, Telecommunication, Government?


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The computer has been, and continues to be, an essential tool in the growth and development of all these three sectors.
Computers have helped education by providing online resources for learning. Tons of resources are now available online for people who research all kinds of topics imaginable.
Computers have allowed the telecommunications sector ease of operations, a wider audience reach, and up to date, more accurate computing.
For the government sector, computers have paved the way for the computerization of documents, which allows for easier filing, application, documentation, and storage of important documents. This drastically cuts the red tape that is easily associated with government agencies.
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Computer help us with many types
1. Speed
2. Accuracy
3. Storage
4. It can solve all types of logical and arithmetical problems
5. It can take very clear answer
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The computer now is one of the richest sources of education. Using a computer and the Internet, one can obtain information about almost anything thinkable.

The telecommunication sector is almost dependent computers. The use of computers has made the industry fast, efficient and very technologically advance.

The government is also gaining great advantage from the advent of computers. Data and information is stored easily and can be retrieved easily and quickly whenever needed.
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There are plenty of advantages for a computer government.
-The information can be stored centrally.
-You can get the required information sitting back at your home or in your office on your computer as everything is online.
-The information can be retrieved within seconds.
-The central database of NICs, Passports etc are very informative for the government.
-The chances of frauds are now reduced because we have computers which give us complete and exact information.

There are many others. The above are only the tip of the iceberg.
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Simply computer increase performance efficiency and effectiveness
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The advantage of a computer is that a computer as made life easier on getting and storing information, helping to get lost contacts, searching for anything you want and getting answer very fast.
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I think that computer is just like a pillar that supports a ceiling from being dimolished .I mean that computer supports the world .its clear the computer is a pillar that supports the world from being destroyed .
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PCs have permitted the media communications segment simplicity of operations, a more extensive gathering of people reach, and a la mode, more precise registering. Buy Coursework

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