How To Register Our Name In Orkut?


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First register our email in yahoo or google then sign up.
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First get an E-mail ID of yours from some where like gmail, yahoo,rediff etc. And thereafter just click at "join now" at orkut's login page.
Then you will get a form which is your registry form for orkut.
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I must a orkut account
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Hey! To create an account on orkut is pretty simple, if you already have a google account it would make it even more easier. To make an orkut account log on to the website : Scroll down the page an you would see the option of 'not a member yet? JOIN NOW' click on it. A new page will open. If you have a google account click on the 'click here' option at the top and if you don't simply fill out the form given below. Once you have done so and accepted the terms and conditions of the site press the 'I accept. Create my account' button. And thats it! Have fun orkut-ing :)

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