How Do You Check Your Metropcs Text Messages On A Computer?


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MetroPCS is a network provider for cell phones, home phones and internet in the USA. They were once called General Wireless and are a well known communications company.

You can access your text messages from a PC when you have a MetroPCS cell phone but you have to set this up first.

How to check your metroPCS text messages online;

  • Set up your mobile account on the internet. You can do this by going to MetroPCS website and going to the my account section. There are many features online offering for cell phone users and you will be able to check your bill and any other contract information on this part of the site.
  • Sync your phone with your PC so that all of your current messages and contacts are available on your PC without the phone being attached. You can do this by connecting the cell phone by USB and following the instructions. The settings that you will have to update will depend on the type of cell phone you have but you will be prompted by windows appearing on the screen of the PC and cell phone so this should be easy.
  • Once you have synchronized your phone, all of your text messages should show. You need to select the option that allows you to view all new messages online and your messages should show on your account online.
  • Ask someone to send you a text message so that you can check that it works on both your cell phone and your PC.
In May 2011, MetroPCS was the sixth largest communications provider in the United States and has 8.9 million subscribers. The headquarters for MetroPCS are in Texas and employ thousands of people.
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Log into the web site,find text messaging or activities, click on the text, it should come up.
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You cannot check your texts with metro this Isn't version I own 2 metro stores all you could do is retrieve all the last calls you made sorry
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You can't check the messages now as you have lost your phone. Some messages are saved on your SIM Card. If you able to retrieve your SIM Card then you can read those messages by inserting the SIM in any other phone. But you can't check and read the text messages on your computer as they don't have any relation between.

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