How Do You Dig Underground In Pokemon Platinum?


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Go to eterna and go to the house next to the bike shop talk to the old man and he gives you the explorer kit. Go underground and use the touch screen. Look on the top screen and you will see a map and the yellow stars means there is treasure you can dig up. When you're right in front of it press a and you can dig. To dig you have use the touch screen with your pen you can also choose between a hammer or pic-axe. When you see something in the wall keep pressing on it until it is completely uncovered.
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For the fire and flower trap: Blow on the mikeFor the move traps: You can't get out of it because it'll just push you in the direction it is pointing at. Ex. <- move trap moves throws you to the left.For the smoke traps: Just rub them with your stylus.If the trap your finding isn't among these ones, then you should really observe your DS because it'll tell you what to do to remove the trap if it's removable.

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