How To Update My Webcam Driver?


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The initial port of call would be to check first whether the current webcam driver is working, because if the camera is fully functioning then there really isn't much point, to use the old adage 'if it's not broke, don't fix it'.

Open the Control Panel by going to the Start Menu and selecting 'Control Panel', a new window will launch displaying a large number of different options. Select the system icon which will open up a new box with a further range of options. From here, click the 'Device Manager' option, or if using Windows XP, select the hardware tab to locate the option.

The webcam should appear among the list of hardware devices for your computer or laptop. If there is a conflicting issue with the webcam there will be a yellow exclamation point beside it. This will automatically have generated an error code, which may be viewed by checking the status in device manager, to do this right click the device and select 'Properties'.

If there is a problem, then an error code should be displayed; you can check what the error code refers to and possible solutions by visiting In the interests of brevity, the presumption in this case will be that the device driver for the webcam does indeed need updating.

In order to update the driver, first click or double click the device, depending on the operating system you are using. Select the driver tab, and then 'Update Driver'. Choose the search option which uses the Internet to locate the correct driver for the device. Once located, permission will be requested by the computer to install the driver, select OK and the driver should automatically install.

If for any reason this method doesn't work then you can go to the webcam manufacturer's website, look for the support page or update driver tab, the wording may differ but it should be fairly well sign posted, then download and install the driver.
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Try the support pages of the manufacturers website

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