What Is An Ems Called In A Cell Phone?


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EMS basically is an old term which has been used for cell phone for the usage of media in the cell phone. EMS is the abbreviation of "Enhanced Messaging Services" as we know it very well the sms means "Short Message Services" similarly EMS means "Enhanced Message Services.

In sms we can't share but text message and that is only for a very short space. We can't write a whole essay in the space available in the general cell phones for writing the sms. And we can't share pictures, videos, voice tags, and other stuff like that.
So the mobile companies worked on it and they gave the solution for this and that was called the Enhanced Message Services and in short it is called as ems. In Ems it means that you can share many things which you were not be able to share in sms. It can be videos, voices, songs etc.

Now the name which is famous for EMS is MMS which means Multimedia Services.
I hope you've got the point. Thank you.

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