What Do You Know About Telephone Directory?


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A telephone directory is the large book which has the complete contact details of the telephone customers. It contains on the thousands of pages with the row wise and column wise details, details of the customers with their address and telephone numbers. It is issued by the telephone company free of cost to his customers. Or it is also available on the market for buying purpose. It is issued by the telephone company on the behalf of the customers. It also has the important numbers like Police, Fire brigade, Air ports, Railway Stations etc.

The purpose of the telephone directory is to give the more assistance to their customers, that people can find the anything, mean all the details of the contacts and the important numbers of the important places of the city anytime and anywhere. Now the telephone directory is also available on the internet which is accessible at anytime, from the user end. Anyone can use it having the computer with internet, and he can get the detail of the specific number and address of the person. There is different kind of telephone directories available on the internet. Some provides the details against the name and some can obtain the details against the address.

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