How Do I Stop Vodafone Sending Daily Horoscopes To My Mobile?


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How do I unsubscribe from the horoscope service on Vodafone?

The easiest way to stop Vodafone sending you daily horoscopes is to reply STOP as an SMS (text message) to the number that the message came from.

Texting stop should work most of the time, but if it doesn't work you can go onto the vodafone website, go to subscriptions and there you should be able to cancel what you no longer want. If all this fails contact the customer service center, this if a free call from your mobile, although the number varies from country to country.

  • Text STOP back to the number Vodafone have been sending you daily horoscopes on.
  • You can visit the Vodafone website to cancel your subscriptions if the sms message doesn't work.
  • You can also call the Vodafone customer centre, which will be free from your Vodafone mobile phone.
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Have you stopped believing in horoscopes? I wonder why. And why do people not believe in otherworldly forces and do not believe that there are people who have great power and are able to help you. For example, my daughter had an incurable disease and only thanks to the help she was able to get back on her feet and doctors claim that it is a miracle.

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Try texting "stop" back to the number. Normally this will automatically tell the machine that is sending the messages to stop sending to your number only.

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