Can I Get Wireless Internet Without A Phone Line?


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The word "wireless" should be a clue for you. Wireless is a joining of "wire" and "less", meaning "free from wires". Such as phone lines.

A desktop computer can pick up wireless internet, provided it has a wireless modem.
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They have transmitter boxes for wireless internet that probably go through a cable and then send the signal to your computer through the air. By cable I mean like cable TV. They are growing providers of internet service.

Contact your cable service provider or telephone company and see if they offer wireless internet. That would be the first step because it most definitely comes from a transmitter box.

Ok and now for the really not so cool thing. If you have neighbors who already get wireless internet you can pick up on their signal by getting close to their transmitter box. If your computer is already equipped and capable of getting the wireless signal then when you are in range of a transmitter your computer will know and tell you. That's how things like internet cafes work.
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Can get wireless internet for laptop
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If you would be using DSl or ADSL then you will  need a wireless router with access point to communicate with your Laptop.

landline may be required depending on how you connect to the internet.

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I'm  a hardware philistine.  I'm thinking about getting a landline and getting rid of my mobile and dongle.  I've only got a mini laptop it doesn't have a disk drive and what a HUB.  I'm a real idiot when it comes to all this.  I've explained to BT but not getting an answer.  Shall I just stick with my dongle and mobile

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Do you have a wireless network at your house or office ? if so does your laptop have a wireless card ? if so is it turned on ? if not you can buy one at most stores that sell computer acc. install the drivers and open program it will find any wireless network that is close . if you do not have a wireless network there is dialup [land line] satellite ,cadle , cell phone wireless [verizon]
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It is not necessary to connect to the net through landline, but mostly its is connected through wireless or mobile.
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I would like to know how to con ect up my lap top to the internet on land line I use a wireless don gal
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I don't know much about hooking up computers but, no you do not need a land line for that. My computer is wireless and I have no land line.

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