How To Get Apps On Samsung Finesse?


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At present, there seems to be no clearly defined, Samsung approved way of downloading apps onto the Samsung Finesse mobile phone.

  • What are the features of the Samsung Finesse mobile phone?
The Samsung website for the Finesse model of phone provides detailed explanations on how to do many things with the phone, including making and answering calls, sending a text message, scrolling and calibrating the touch screen, using the web browser, using widgets, taking pictures and video, accessing your own media (from a memory card or similar), how to transfer files and how to use bluetooth.

There is no section outlining how to download apps onto the Samsung Finesse at present.

  • Does this mean that the Samsung Finesse will never have apps available?
The fact that there are no official apps for the phone at present may not mean that the phone is unable to run applications. More so, that at present, Samsung are not in the position to offer official Samsung apps for their mobile products, although their website does clearly outline that they are hoping to develop apps that support their phones in the near future.

  • Does the Samsung Finesse support apps by third party developers?
Although there may not be an easy one-stop site to download apps onto the phone, a user could try and download apps from other sites, using the web browser to find app sites. There is no guarantee however, that these apps will be compatible or even work with the phone and it is probably not advisable to try doing so as you could invalidate your warranty, particularly if you download a corrupt or infected file onto your device which then renders the operating system software unusable.

  • What do I need to do if I want apps on the Samsung Finesse?
At present, the only way to get apps on the Samsung Finesse is to wait until Samsung have developed some. The official company website seems to suggest that they are developing several apps for their smartphone devices and as such, it may be prudent to wait until these official downloads are available on the Samsung site before attempting to download an app onto the Finesse.
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I just got a brand new MetroPCS cell phone about two days ago and I was wondering if there are any apps for the samsung finesse?
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If anyone knows any information about samsung finesse like how to install other app or widgets or even how to look at it on your computer like the software were you can put pics n stuff on it
here is a site for any ringtones pics videos anything please give me a call 702 4279972
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Well there is a website called apps 4 free .com its really good and work for samsung phones

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