What are fun sociable apps to get on iPad/iPod?


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I guess you don't want to hear too much about well established social networks like Twitter, Facebook or GooglePlus - but they would be the most obvious choice if you're looking for something to turn your ipad into a portal of social interactivity.

I've recently been studying apps that basically allow you to chat with random people, and there are a few I suggest checking out.

On the more "dating" side of things, Tinder is a pretty good option.

Omegle, Highlight, and Distant Shore are all very good options if you just want to login, meet someone, start chatting, and possibly start a friendship.

If you want something more niche, I'd suggest downloading an app related to a hobby you enjoy. Most apps these days provides the facility for users to talk with each other.

For example, I love scrabble, so chatting to strangers I play against on Word with Friends is something I do regularly.

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I'd also add *Impossible* to that list, as I just discovered it today. It's got powerful backers (model Lily Cole and Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales), so I expect it to survive the usual social networking app hype and burn out
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Any game you can socialize on like facebook is awesome, uface, meebo, gowalla, pinterest, ask.fm, chat roulette those are pretty good

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try groopmeup, very cool and funny social app,

link: groopmeup

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Instagram and Instamessage are pretty cool! Gives you something to talk about with others... Their pictures! Here's a list of my fav :

1.) Urturn (It's pretty awesome) alright I haven't used it in a while been busy...but yeah you communicate through the things you love and live... Vote for fav stars, things, enter comps, etc!

2.) Anybody Out there - website for people who just want someone to talk too...it's pretty cool,if you feel like you need a chat there's always someone on there!

3.) Turntable fm - LOVE THIS SITE! You can listen to your fav music whilst chatting to friends on the site and you can tweet songs you're currently playing and meet people with the same music interest!

4.) Path - It's like a more personal facebook that you share with just only 150 people, you can share music, videos, pictures, status updates, stories and even tell your friends when you're going to bed and when you're going to work etc, you can only share with 150 people so it's like more personal that way. I haven't used this one though!

That's the top 4!

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Aimee! There are so many good ones available and I will need to admit that it
can get pretty hard to choose the right one! However, I will suggest that you
opt for a multipurpose one, and an app like this arcade platformer: https://itunes.apple.com/en/app/electricity-run-game/id963759829?mt=8 can be pretty good! It’s a
game, but since it comes with social features, you can also use it to interact
with others. The title has a Facebook connectivity option and with it, players
can get in touch with folks on the platform. To boot, do visit Viber.com to
find more details about another pretty amazing app! It’s free and will allow
you to make calls, videos and send messages. Check it out here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xxGO3jEy5wk and hope this helps!

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I use several apps, whatsapp is cool for chatting and I use PlayOJO's iOS app for a bit of roulette and games. Of course you had huge apps like Twitter that can be very social.

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