Why Is Visual Basic Called Event Driven Programming?


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VISUAL BASIC is a VISUAL and Event-driven Programming Language. These are the principle uniqueness from the old BASIC. In BASIC, writing computer programs is done in a content just environment and the project is executed successively. In Visual Basic 6, writing computer programs is done in a graphical situation. In the old BASIC, you need to compose program code for each graphical item you wish to show it on screen, including its position and its shading. In any case, In Visual Basic 6 , you simply need to move and customize any graphical question anyplace on the structure, and you can change its properties utilizing the properties window.

Moreover, Visual Basic 6 is Event-driven on the grounds that we have to compose code keeping in mind the end goal to perform a few assignments because of specific occasions. The occasions normally includes yet not constrained to the client's inputs. A percentage of the occasions are burden, click, double tap, modifiable, squeezing the keys and that's just the beginning. We will take in more about occasions in later lessons. Along these lines, a Visual Basic 6 Program is comprised of numerous subprograms, each has its own project code, and each can be executed freely and in the meantime each can be connected together in somehow.

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because all ( or the majorty of the ) code happens as the result of something else happening....which is an event.

Even when the FORM_LOADS , that is an event that "happens" or takes place.

Whenever you click on something, that is an event.

If you do NOTHING when a Vb.Net program runs, it just sits waiting for you, waiting for something to happen, it waits for an event then code will act on it if there is code to deal with that event.

There are of course background Windows processes running waiting for you to move your mouse, left-click or right-click
or whatever. So you could also say that a fair bit of WINDOWS is written that suddenly responds to events too.

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In VB the execution of the program takes when a event associated with the code happens like click event etc.
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A programming Paradigm in which the flow of the program is determined by events—i.e., sensor outputs or user actions (mouse clicks, key presses) or messages from other programs or threads is known as the Event Driven Programming. And VB programing is also based on Events.

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