What Are The Advantages Of Event Driven Programs?


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Http://computersight.com/computers/uses-and-advantages-of-event-driven-programming/ There are many uses along with pros and cons when it comes to Event Driven Programming. One Advantage is flexibility; in fact you could say that event driven programming is one of the most ‘flexible programming language types.’ One of the main reasons being why it’s flexible is its allowance to let the user design the program in sections. In other words the programmer is given the main control over the program in terms of they instruct the program to do and also the time in which they what this to happen.  ‘Suitability of the graphical interface’‘Simplicity of Programming’‘Ease of Development’ BY AYEISHA A BTEC ND (CP)
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Event Driven Programming is used to trigger or performed when you perform some action like mouse clicks, key press and so on. Such kinds of actions are normally seen when we fill an online form like when we miss password fields then we receive a message such as "This field is need to be filled". With the help of this the user noticed his/her mistake on the spot. Such system keeps track of your repeated actions and might show your action when you perform the same task again. Like while filling online form it might show the entries of respected fields when you click on the fields. This save the time and require less processing.

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