What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages Of TV Programs?


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Advantages of tv programs
Knowledge can be gained from educational tv programs.

Disadvantages of tv programs
If someone is sitting very close to the tv while watching programs, they can end up and have a bad eye vision.

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The various advantages of TV programs include that first of all they provide so much of variety that you can choose what ever you want to, they are a great source of entertainment and the latest entertainment new, they can be very informative as well, the wide variety of programs from across the world tell us how people live in other countries and what are their cultures, at times you can participate in game shows and actually win something. It is also being used as a tool of distance learning in some countries where lectured are delivered through a dedicated channel. There are some disadvantages as well; these programs are all produced from a commercial point of view so they try to glamorize things which make them far from reality, some people can get addicted to watching programs and then it’s all they can think about, some students waste their time just watching TV and neglect their studies. We have all heard of the term ‘couch potato’ which refers to people young an old who just sit in front of the TV and don’t exercise so t is also a cause of obesity. Children who are exposed to TV from a very young age have been found to gave lower creativity because they get used to seeing things rather than imagining them.
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