Can You Name The Five Different Types Of Database Models, Giving One Advantage And One Disadvantage Of Each?


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Many database models are used where as five commonly used models are:
• Network model
Advantage: There is no data duplication.
Disadvantage: It is not easy to update database
• Object-Relational model
Advantage: It decreases the convolution of software development
Disadvantage: It is popular in market.
• Relational model
Advantage: There is no limit for search.
Disadvantage: It is lengthy to find equivalent values.
• Hierarchical model
Advantage: It retrieves record at a very fast speed due to direct link between parent and child.
Disadvantage: For search of a record hierarchical structure should be known.
• Semistructured model
Advantage: It is useful for web, that can be considered as databases but it cannot be forced by a schema.
Disadvantage: Division between data and schema is not clear, and the level of structuring is dependent on the application.

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